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 Take a journey with me...... for the benefit of all artist!

Do you dream of a place full of art and culture where people can relax and have a great time......well so do I but first things first. Before reaching my biggest goal of business ownership (lez-be-frenz) I need to finish school! Check out BIG DREAMS CAMPAIGN FOR MORE INFO! Want to know more about my end goal well here goes....

Lez-be-frenz will be a lounge that provides a  laid back, safe, and secure environment for adults 21 and up. This lounge will provide entertainment for those who love the arts such as but not limited to poetry, dance, and music. I am currently in the process of raising funding so that I can complete my education. After which I will dive into my small business venture!

 The lounge will be a place for social events and creating connections. The goal is to provide a place where the LGBT and straight community can all come together. Be creative and reach out to help the community!

Help me to help us all with a lounge that will provide entertainment and outreach. Buy my poetry CD BIG DREAMS small pockets and you will help me to finish school. I am a sociology criminal justice major. I want to link my lounge to out reach for young artist in trouble. It will also help me to buy or lease a venue, pay staff (DJ,band, bartenders,marketing staff, and provide everything else needed to get started.) Also I need artist. Please send me an email or leave me a comment with your email information if you would like to be a featured artist (SINGER, POET, PAINTER, CREATOR OF ANYTHING BEAUTIFUL)! This should be EPIC not just for me but everyone involved. Lets not settle for a little bar lets create a place of refuge where people can be people

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